McLaren is reviving the spirit of the F1. The McLaren F1 was a technological masterpiece and one of the greatest, if not The Greatest McLaren road car of all times. Now, McLaren will give homeage to the design of the F1 in their new series, the BP23. The BP23 is still two years off, and details are scarce but it will be a hybrid with more power than the P1. AutoCar indicates

CarBuzz gives credit to the HyperCar Development team for taking the McLaren 12c to the next level. The starting package, Hyper800, cranks the standard 616 hp output to an impressive 837 hp. Matt Farah gives his One Take review on this fine tuning: Two years in development and fine tuning has produced a robust and powerful car that sounds amazing. A new exhaust system with high-flow catalytic converters constructed of INCONEL,

2019 is going to be a big year for McLaren as it releases 106 samples of their new model, a hybrid three-seater inspired by the F1. Here is a copy of their teaser image: As setup in the P1, this model will be connected to an electric motor and battery pack. HyperCar Development is looking forward to tuning the car to surpass the expected 675hp. As you may have speculated,

HyperCar Development’s Tri-Boost System in the Hyper1200 is putting out 1200bhp and the public is stunned.  Viewers of CarThrottle are skeptical of the reliability of this much horsepower and speed but HyperCar Development has the proven track record to make it work. May be ambitious but the team is reaching mile markers no one else seems to be able to. Check out the latest video.    

The Hyper1200 package is now on everyone’s radar. A quick shot of the Hyper1200 in action on HyperCar Development’s SuperFlow 2-wheel chassis dyno caught the editor’s eye at CARSCOOPS  whose comments were “looks and sounds insane”. Check out the video for yourself!  

Once again you’ll find HyperCar Development tucked between the pages of the most decadent Robb Report issue yet: The 28th Annual Best of the Best 2016 Luxury Portfolio. McLarens are always a lock in the Robb Report, but that’s no excuse to settle and rest on your laurels. HyperCar Development is quickly developing a name in the supercar industry for modifying the already potent McLaren 12C and 650S with track

When you are reaching for record-setting results in a high performance sports car, you need a top engine reaction time at all levels. Lucas Oil products are recognized as an industry leader for automotive lubricants and fluids, which is why HyperCar Development is pleased to announce a partnership for exclusive use in all of our Hyper McLaren vehicles. As we move closer toward achieving the first street legal vehicle to

  Newport Beach, CA – One of the hardest parts is letting go, sometimes even for car owners. Things just got a little easier for McLaren owners looking to upgrade their 12C and 650S models for speed and performance. HyperCar Development is now teamed up with AutoConcierge, a West Los Angeles based premium sports car facility renowned for vehicle service, care, and storage ( HyperCar Development is quickly developing a

Newport Beach, CA – High performance is the name of the game when it comes to upper echelon sports cars, their owners, and the businesses that cater to them. The business itself pretty much has to function much like the high-end machines with which they work, through a combination of the right people and the right components working in perfect synchronicity. Enter HyperCar Development, a company that develops the already

In the world of supercars, speed is everything. One of the best places to showcase speed is at the Texas Mile Event, which takes place April 1-3 this year in Beeville, Texas.   The Texas Mile literally has NO SPEED LIMIT. This makes it the perfect venue to debut the world’s first Hyper McLaren, which will be lining up beside other prestigious supercars to prove it has the power to set