Newport Beach, CA – High performance is the name of the game when it comes to upper echelon sports cars, their owners, and the businesses that cater to them. The business itself pretty much has to function much like the high-end machines with which they work, through a combination of the right people and the right components working in perfect synchronicity.

Enter HyperCar Development, a company that develops the already powerful McLaren 12C and 650S to outputs up to 1,500hp. With facilities currently located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Los Angeles they are serving McLaren owners coast to coast in pursuit of an even faster ride.

HCD recently announced they will be participating in the upcoming Texas Mile time trials in early April with Hyper800 and Hyper1200 McLarens. It will be the Texas debut for these vehicles.

HyperCar Development also recently entered into a sponsored partnership with Lucas Oil, which will be providing all of their high performance engine and gear oils. “Every aspect of vehicle performance is essential to achieving record-setting results. Lucas Oil products definitely help us in those pursuits” stated lead engineer Safa Yousef.

One of the differentiating features that HCD offers from other conversions is that the race experienced design team maintains the stability and control systems of the vehicle while converting it for track performance.


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