McLaren is reviving the spirit of the F1. The McLaren F1 was a technological masterpiece and one of the greatest, if not The Greatest McLaren road car of all times. Now, McLaren will give homeage to the design of the F1 in their new series, the BP23.

The BP23 is still two years off, and details are scarce but it will be a hybrid with more power than the P1.

AutoCar indicates that …”McLaren has written to the 106 customers whose applications to buy a BP23 were successful.” This series will begin to introduce elements of the next-generation that McLaren will offer. New carbonfibre structures, hybrid power system, battery pack, and more may be launched across an entire range of models.

2019 is still two years off. During that time, HyperCar Development will continue to pursue excellence in current models, taking them to the extremes of engineering.