In the world of supercars, speed is everything. One of the best places to showcase speed is at the Texas Mile Event, which takes place April 1-3 this year in Beeville, Texas.  
The Texas Mile literally has NO SPEED LIMIT. This makes it the perfect venue to debut the world’s first Hyper McLaren, which will be lining up beside other prestigious supercars to prove it has the power to set new benchmarks. 
The Charlotte, North Carolina based HyperCar Development Team has reengineered the McLaren supercars from stock output to upwards of 1500+HP. Currently, the HCD Team is developing their Hyper-XP3 in their quest to create the first road-going HyperCar to achieve 300mph! 
Visit the Videos page to see what others are saying about HyperCar Development, including supercar enthusiasts like CJ Wilson, Riki Rachtman, and Kerri Kasem.
We invite you to come and watch the HCD Team in action at the Texas Mile. We look forward to seeing you there!