Newport Beach, CA – One of the hardest parts is letting go, sometimes even for car owners. Things just got a little easier for McLaren owners looking to upgrade their 12C and 650S models for speed and performance. HyperCar Development is now teamed up with AutoConcierge, a West Los Angeles based premium sports car facility renowned for vehicle service, care, and storage (

HyperCar Development is quickly developing a name in the supercar industry for modifying the already powerful McLaren 12C and 650S with track performance speed while maintaining the original McLaren controls, allowing the road going vehicles to attain outputs in phases reaching in excess of 800hp, 1000hp, 1200hp, and 1500+hp.

Supercar owners can sometimes experience separation anxiety as the process to convert a vehicle takes upwards of a few weeks. These vehicles are like their children to some owners. Even though the Charlotte facility offers video updates and webcam monitoring, expansion was imminent. With offices in Newport Beach (CA) and an engineering design facility in Charlotte (NC), burgeoning demand required a West Coast shop.

Demand is only expected to increase with the recent announcement that HCD will be participating in The Texas Mile time trial event in early April with Hyper800 and Hyper1200 McLaren hypercars.