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About HyperCar Development

The Preparation

The vision and research started 3 years ago studying the most under utilized, road going supercar ever produced. While most saw a “supercar”, we saw a highly advanced and capable platform which was tamed in order to present it to the world.

When McLaren first launched the MP4-12C, fellow enthusiasts like us saw a dream come true. We then took our dream of developing a McLaren and turned it into a reality. Testing began with a stock MP4-12C on airstrips, drag strips, and the legendary road course at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). With a bundle of track data, we were ready to start the HyperCar Development process. Let the innovation begin!

Watch the HYPER800 MP4-12C annihilate the stock MP4-12C on a closed airstrip – VIDEO

Superflow Dyno

From the superior base frame to their proprietary WinDyn Data Acquisition System, there is a reason why the top OEM’s use SuperFlow to write their specifications. We only want to use the best technology to create true HYPERCARS.

Dynamic data collection functionality such as true road load tests that account for inertia, aerodynamic losses and rolling losses allows HYPERCAR to account for every single test detail. This precise data logging and 139 configurable channels enables us to continue adding sensors with each PHASE ensuring every aspect of the McLaren is monitored safely.

Watch this HYPER800 MP4-12C pull 828 HP on our 2-wheel SuperFlow dynamometer – VIDEO

Pursuit For Perfection

From logging tire pressure and temperatures on track, to dynamometer testing, we track data on every facet of our process to guarantee we provide a perfectly optimized and complete HyperCar for each and every client.

Attention to detail is not only essential but it’s what we pride ourselves on. We are also introducing a HyperCar Bespoke Studio to offer unique enhancements such as integrated track cameras and tablets for on track data logging. Tell us how you would like to build your HyperCar.

The HyperCar Community

Our goal is to engineer the ultimate HyperCars and lead the movement of a new HyperCar Community from the lab to the track. Come join us for one of our track days.

Whether you have never driven on a track or have more experience than we do, contact us about our track schedule. Through our HyperCar Bespoke Studio, we can offer Track Day Assistance and Preparation as well as the HyperCar Advanced Driving Clinic.

Ready To Get Started?

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